The Manhattan Vine is a unique dining experience that will transport you to another time.  Dine with your family without the crowd and noise of the bar while relaxing to the sounds of your favorite classic music or meet your friends and watch the game at the East Side Bar.

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Take A Step Back In Time...

Featuring music from a time when the world was not in a hurry to get somewhere.  A time when it meant something to slow down and enjoy great food with friends and family.   From classic Billy Joel to your favorite Rat Pack artist, The Manhattan Vine will give you a taste of the way it was.

Featuring The Pork Shop

The Pork Shop has been a local favorite since since 1979.  The Manhattan Vine features the pork shops deli meats, bacon and ground jalapeƱo pork for our "El Barrio" Slider.

A cocktail, your favorite someone, and some classic music.  Let the East Side Bar take you back to the way it was with a bottle of red or a classic Manhattan cocktail.

The East Side Bar